Art at  Keith's

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Rudi Monterroso

"I grew up in Guatemala and came to the U.S. when I was 20 years old. From the moment that I discovered art, it has been a big passion for me.  as a newly arrived young adult in Boston, Art was an art form where I could express all kinds of emotions without words and it provided a place for me to connect with people both from my own culture and from others. As a colorblind artist, painting is one of the biggest challenges I have confronted but also an opportunity to explore different art forms. After nearly giving up painting several times, I realized that not being able to see color is not a handicap because it emphasizes my ability to see and focus on process not the outcome. After I developed carpal tunnel and tendonitis syndrome in my right arm, I stopped using brushes to avoid the intense pain. Some times what we think of weakness is our own uniqueness, and there is where we can find out strains. In my newer work I focus on embracing process as a way to practice mindfulness, painting only with my feet and fingers eliminating the use of brushes."

               - Rudi Monterroso